Top topic – What’s the difference between Lean and Agile?

OK, time to catch up on Lean Coffee posts. The topics in June were:

  • What’s the difference between Lean and Agile?
  • A pitch on “Build Your Own Canvas”
  • How to achieve 5 star Agile teams in our company
  • Are there any Agile blindspots?
  • Setting up high performing Agile teams
  • What questions should I expect in an interview for a Scrum Master job?
  • How to properly propose things to authority – clubs and the like
  • How to transcend perceived standing
  • A SAFe release train to replace our release management
  • Common knowledge – why is it not common?
  • New Facebook technologies for skin stuffs

As always, the bold topics above were actually discussed. See you at the next Lean Coffee!

Mar 27 session – top hit = “Agile” versus “Scrum”

We have returned to our usual haunt of King O’s. eWAY provided more swag this week and covered the bar tab. Many thanks to out sponsor! OK, topics are below, the topics we actually discussed in bold:

  1. “Agile” versus “Scrum”
  2. Agile games
  3. Agile certification – what’s worth getting?
  4. What book should I read next?
  5. What, if any, agile techniques or concepts can be used for employee engagement or motivation?
  6. Amazon impact zone
  7. Store 2.0
  8. Agile testing/CD – what happens when there are unacceptable faults in a product, but a delivery to a customer is imminent?
  9. SAFe? At any speed?


Our new Belconnen meetup is also doing well, Shoaib is leading that charge, and doing a great job.

See you all next time!

Top topic of the week – evaluating an idea

Another great session at King O’s! Thanks to eWAY for continuing to support our agile community. We had an excellent crowd with a ton of topics suggested. See below for the topics, with topics actually discussed in bold. Our agile group is proud to be using an agile technique, Lean Coffee, to discuss agile topics. We can’t wait to meet you here in Canberra.

  • Evaluating an idea
  • The missing vision
  • Traits of the best presenters
  • Sniper or scattershot – targeting your market
  • Tips and tricks for quick MVPs
  • Self-taught vs University tech skills
  • What type of code should you start with?
  • Digital information overload
  • Eliciting failure quickly
  • Lean Coffee @ work. Suggestions?
  • Agile coaching cards
  • How do you get people to write documentation?
  • Self-service analytics
  • Digital dementia
  • Damian rocking the Spock look

Lean Coffee

Our top topic this week – Define a dream team in agile

Another great Lean Coffee session was had by all. We changed the time slightly this week, we went from 5:30-6:30 (instead of 6-7). That seemed to work pretty well. The Lean Coffee crew is experimenting with times so let’s see what we do for the next session. Anyways, we had a great time. Come join us!

The proposed topics, in priority order are below. The topics we discussed are in bold:

  • Define a dream team in agile
  • How do you build culture?
  • Governing the commons, e.g. open source software
  • How do you ease out an agile consultant in your org?
  • How do you reduce resentment towards senior leadership during an agile transformation?
  • How do we raise excitement for our products internally?
  • Funding infrastructure
  • What are looking for from this group?
  • Agile ceremonies, more vs. less. What is the right balance?


Notes that I casually took during the session:

“A team of champions doesn’t beat a champion team.”


Porter Five Forces Analysis

The Commons

Retrospective notes:

  • I like 5:30 to 6:30, good discussion, the right mix of people!
  • Useful.


Thanks to everyone who participated! We will see you in 2 weeks…

Lean Coffee Canberra





First Session Review – Dec. 7

We had our first #LeanCoffee session on Monday Dec. 7. Once again, we are grateful to Rory Ford and Entry 29 for providing a meeting space. A great time was had by all!

The first #LeanCoffee posse is below. A good lookin’ crowd.


Here are the topics we discussed, in priority order of course!

  • What does “Lean” mean to you?
  • How do you grow community? (the facilitator accidentally skipped this so we didn’t actually discuss this topic. Doh!)
  • How do you convince reluctant people to adopt agile?
  • Is DevOps the next trend? Is Scrum dead?
  • How do we leverage today’s Prime Minister innovation statement?

This is a photo of the actual topics. Note the dots, we use dot voting for crowd-sourced prioritization:


At the end of the session we solicited retrospective feedback, here it is.

  • Start session earlier
  • Keep the beer cold
  • We need bigger cards to write on during the session
  • Promote Lean Coffee more and grow the community
  • Can we have a “Further Reading Material” list maintained during the session?
  • Start earlier! How about doing the sessions in the morning?
  • I liked the scheduled day and time of the sessions, that works for me
  • Good facilitation and nice discussions!
  • Let’s supplement the face-to-face sessions with digital interaction, e.g. e-mail, Facebook, etc.

A photo of the retro feedback:


The #LeanCoffee team has an internal retro next Monday. We might be slightly updating the format for the next session on Monday Dec. 21. Come join us and get into the #agilefun !

The Lean Coffee Team