The top topic of the week – Trump won. What next?

Another great session amongst agile friends here in the CBD of CBR. We now have King O’s permanently booked for every other Monday. Here were the topics this week (with topics actually discussed in bold):

  • Trump won. What next?
  • When is it not a good time to use agile?
  • How much of an idea do you need to secure funding/investment?
  • Agile versus Design
  • Role of a non-tech person in an agile team?
  • Product Architect job description. What would it say?
  • The Leader Stance – Command and Control, Democratic, Visionary, Consensus
  • Herding a PO
  • Visionary vision statements
  • Analyzing motivations
  • Wrapping up an agile project


It’s getting to that time of year in the CBR, school holidays. Pretty soon it will be a ghost town. But Lean Coffee will still be going strong with the people we have. The people that are meant to be there, are there. ThanksĀ Harrison Owen!

Celebrating a year with a catchup post!

It has been a whole year since we started to meet for Lean Coffee! I think we can proudly claim to be Canberra’s longest running (and still going strong) agile meetup. In honor of our anniversary, we are posting a catchup session. Here are the topics we prioritizedĀ in this session in August, actual topics discussed in bold.

  • #CensusFail #NDISFail What lessons can we take away from these disasters?
  • Tips for getting the most out of conferences
  • LEGO Serious Play
  • Agile2016 Overview
  • Getting new people up to speed
  • PyCon Overview
  • Tools/techniques to connect engineering value to business value
  • Service Design Conference presentation ideas
  • Safety – do you need it? what is it? how to get it?


Top topic of the week – evaluating an idea

Another great session at King O’s! Thanks to eWAY for continuing to support our agile community. We had an excellent crowd with a ton of topics suggested. See below for the topics, with topics actually discussed in bold. Our agile group is proud to be using an agile technique, Lean Coffee, to discuss agile topics. We can’t wait to meet you here in Canberra.

  • Evaluating an idea
  • The missing vision
  • Traits of the best presenters
  • Sniper or scattershot – targeting your market
  • Tips and tricks for quick MVPs
  • Self-taught vs University tech skills
  • What type of code should you start with?
  • Digital information overload
  • Eliciting failure quickly
  • Lean Coffee @ work. Suggestions?
  • Agile coaching cards
  • How do you get people to write documentation?
  • Self-service analytics
  • Digital dementia
  • Damian rocking the Spock look

Lean Coffee