Our top topic – should we try harder to get ‘startup’ people involved with this group?

New people continue to attend and add value to our conversations! Our topics discussed this week, and the associated notes:

  • Should we try harder to get ‘startup’ people involved with this group?
    • Use Facebook
    • Get sponsors – ACS, E29, CBRIN, ANU
    • Present at Barcamp
  • Does Canberra have a startup guide for startups?
    • CBRIN
    • CBR Startup book – reference to come later
    • Let’s sync CBRIN with the Seattle Startup 100 list
    • The ANU TechLauncher
  • How do we make time to learn new things?
    • HR – time and budget allocated
    • A Google 20 sprint
    • A Google 20 allocation of velocity
    • Be bite-sized
    • Remember conferences and classes
  • How do you do a whole-business level retrospective?
    • At team level first and then bubble up
    • Scaling Up by Verne Harnish


The topics proposed, but not discussed:

  • Does learning imply action?
  • What is bimodal IT?
  • How do we enable Barcamp?
  • What are you doing?


Please join us and add to the dialog! We have a special session on Feb 29, Leap Year Lean Coffee – it only happens once every 4 years.



Coordinating agile remotely and more

More great discussion this week on a variety of topics. We’re looking for ideas to get more people involved – feedback is welcome!IMG_1695

  • Distributed Agile – coordinating remote locations
    • Video
    • Group chat
    • Josh <3’s #slack
    • Come together
    • Tools
  • Scrum or Kanban (or something else?)
    • You can mature into Kanban
    • Culture change is driven by the person with appetite
    • It’s all cultural
    • Kanban the growing methodology
    • Kanban good for mature teams
    • Path to agility
  • To be a Scrum Master or a Product Owner, that is the question
    • Glue motivates like people, helps deliver
    • Can a persona be an SM & a PO at the same time?
    • PO & SM are different
    • PO: negotiator vs collaborator. All about value
    • PO is external reality & SM is internal reality
  • How do you motivate equally ranked people?
  • What’s the best retro you’ve ever seen?
    • Timeline, no blame, conclusion – proposal
    • Facilitator gives ownership
    • Military calling it like it is
    • Always the day after
    • School @ Chapel
    • Do the action items
    • Psychotherapy
  • How do you keep morale up during an extremely busy period?
  • How do you type ‘agile’ people?
  • How can we attract more people to this group?
  • How many layers do you need between business interests and product decisions?