Top topic – What’s the difference between Lean and Agile?

OK, time to catch up on Lean Coffee posts. The topics in June were:

  • What’s the difference between Lean and Agile?
  • A pitch on “Build Your Own Canvas”
  • How to achieve 5 star Agile teams in our company
  • Are there any Agile blindspots?
  • Setting up high performing Agile teams
  • What questions should I expect in an interview for a Scrum Master job?
  • How to properly propose things to authority – clubs and the like
  • How to transcend perceived standing
  • A SAFe release train to replace our release management
  • Common knowledge – why is it not common?
  • New Facebook technologies for skin stuffs

As always, the bold topics above were actually discussed. See you at the next Lean Coffee!

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