Mar 27 session – top hit = “Agile” versus “Scrum”

We have returned to our usual haunt of King O’s. eWAY provided more swag this week and covered the bar tab. Many thanks to out sponsor! OK, topics are below, the topics we actually discussed in bold:

  1. “Agile” versus “Scrum”
  2. Agile games
  3. Agile certification – what’s worth getting?
  4. What book should I read next?
  5. What, if any, agile techniques or concepts can be used for employee engagement or motivation?
  6. Amazon impact zone
  7. Store 2.0
  8. Agile testing/CD – what happens when there are unacceptable faults in a product, but a delivery to a customer is imminent?
  9. SAFe? At any speed?


Our new Belconnen meetup is also doing well, Shoaib is leading that charge, and doing a great job.

See you all next time!

Tuesday Mar 14 session – topic topic = Innovating in large organizations

This was a special Lean Coffee Monday! Because it was Canberra Day on Monday, we held this session on Tuesday. And because it was on Tuesday, our usual haunt was booked and we moved venues to Highball Express. So right after Lean Coffee we got to take Salsa dancing lessons in a Cuban speakeasy!

As always, topics in order below and discussed topics bolded.

  1. Innovating in large organizations
  2. What agile metrics resonate with leadership?
  3. Best advice for starting Lean in Australia. With an existing product.
  4. Agile culture
  5. What are the “must haves” for Product Managers?
  6. HCD + Agile
  7. (Just listening today!)

BTW – thanks to our awesome sponsor eWAY! They had some nice gifts waiting for us…


Mar 2017 session 2. Topic topic = Do new people know Lean Coffee is about Agile?

The final writeup for Mar 2017! Topics below, in pri order, discussed topics in bold

  1. Do new people know Lean Coffee is about Agile?
  2. Hiding Agile
  3. Tech hubs – can ACT compete with other capital cities?
  4. Rules of developing backlogs with clients
  5. “Semi Agile” Does it work? When and Why? Transitioning.
  6. Broad estimation methods
  7. Companies that find warm leads for my PC support website



Mar 2017 Session 1: Topic topic = “Master” in Scrum Master means control. Doesn’t it?

Another great session, topics below in order and the topics that were actually discussed in bold.

  1. “Master” in Scrum Master means control. Doesn’t it?
  2. Leadership role in Agile
  3. Orgs want digital to engage more customers. But customers don’t want to engage with orgs.
  4. How far (big) can Agile scale?
  5. How did **** go LeSS?
  6. Beyond Scrum
  7. Product roadmap followup
  8. What’s up with the DTA?
  9. What kind of Agile are CBR startups into?
  10. Story points?
  11. What is the sonic screwdriver of the Scrum Master?
  12. Is certification worthwhile?



Yet another Feb 2017 post – top topic = Amazon is coming! What will it mean to Australia? Especially in the digital wars

Another great LC session with tons of great topics listed below:

  • Amazon is coming! What will it mean to Australia? Especially in the digital wars
  • Is Trump agile?
  • How to stop blaming external factors?
  • Design sprints = working fast
  • Gannt chart – Sin? Or necessary evil?
  • Define agile in a minute

As always, the topic backlog is in priority order and the actual topics discussed are bolded.


Feb 2017 Catchup post! Top topic – How do you train executives?

OK, it’s been a while since we updated the blog. So now it’s time to catch up. Here were the topics for February 2017:

  • How do you train executives?
  • What practices are in place at the companies people REALLY want to work at?
  • Digital nudging – OK or not OK?
  • Complexity versus simplicity – Finding the right balance for a 1-page summary
  • How to attract buying customers to fantastic who need PC help
  • Agile process performance appraisal – how?
  • What would a bigger Lean Coffee meetup look like? How?
  • For companies people don’t want to work for – what are the glaring missing practices?
  • What’s the status on Gov fail?
  • Good companies

The topics we actually discussed are in bold font, you can see some notes in the photo