CBD April 10 2017

A very good session was had, new members are always coming into the team and spicing things up. The topics proposed below, actually discussed topics are in bold:

  1. Crazy agile success / not success stories
  2. How can you tell if someone is “agile”
  3. Best drink ever tasted
  4. Scrum is immutable… according to the Scrum Guide. At what point is Scrum not Scrum?
  5. How do agile teams rejuvenate?
  6. What do you look for in an employer?
  7. Pitfalls of working on parallel projects
  8. Project scoping with new teams

Once again, thanks to eWAY for sponsoring our event. They take care of us agilists!


Belco Lean Coffee #2, April 2017

OK folks, here comes Belco Lean Coffee post #2. That group has some momentum and they are talking about cool stuff. Here were the topics:

  1. How to develop coaching capabilities?
  2. BA’s in Agile – what role do they play?
  3. Agile conferences in Canberra?
  4. Peer coaching
  5. Is “prescriptive agile” such a bad thing? … to start with?
  6. Visualizing work on wall versus JIRA (tools)
  7. Agile past its “use by” date
  8. Biggest misunderstanding of Agile


We are expecting more great topics to come out of Belco

A new Lean Coffee era has begun!

Shoaib is now leading a Lean Coffee in Belconnen that alternates with the CBD session! Mad props to Shoaib for leading the charge and dedicating his time to make Lean Coffee a success in Canberra. So now we have the Belco topics to summarize below:

  1. Agile workspaces and dispersed team remediation
  2. What are the most important Agile values in todays organizations?
  3. Why the opposition to Scrum?
  4. Agile delivery governance versus Waterfall governance, what’s the difference?
  5. Do you need a PM, DM, and SM in one project?
  6. Becoming an agile coach
  7. Is this a suitable time for Lean Coffee?
  8. What are the leading agile organizations in Australia?
  9. What is Crystal method and should I use it?

So regarding point #9, I am assuming thats “method” and not “meth” 🙂

We look forward to seeing more interesting topics discussed in Belco!