This weeks top topic – What I learned by reading Elon Musk biography last week

The new session time of 5:30-6:30 seems to be working fine. The Lean Coffee crew might try some other meeting times and durations, let’s see what our A/B testing turns up. 🙂

Our proposed topics this week are below. The topics in bold were actually discussed. We also took notes this session, we hope you find this useful.

  • What I learned by reading Elon Musk biography last week
    • Book – Elon Musk biography
    • Book – Extreme Project Management
  • How to handle slipping commitments/Ensuring team sticks to deadlines… managing excuses
    • Book – Anti Fragile
    • Book – Promise Theory by Burgess
    • Reference – Cone of uncertainty
  • Agile feature development for existing products
    • Reference – XKCD cartoon on problems and their frequency
    • Book – How to Create Agile Teams
  • How to get proposed sessions into conferences
    • Make them – controversial, resonate, personal, stories, focused
    • Proposed session – the story of a perfect scrum master
    • Top 10 agile questions you were afraid to ask
  • What do you consider to be good culture?
  • Automated testing and deployment
  • What is the history of the term “agile”?
  • Building and proving a new feature at minimum cost
  • Lean opportunity discovery


Our retro feedback is below:

  • Great, thank you, my first lean coffee, fun.
  • Notes on the wall help with remembering what was discussed.
  • I really value interacting with other people with experience and lots of different perspectives.
  • Interesting talks.
  • Enjoyed it. Could have been twice as long and would still have stuff to talk about.



Any feedback about the blog is also welcome. See you next time!