Mar 2017 Session 1: Topic topic = “Master” in Scrum Master means control. Doesn’t it?

Another great session, topics below in order and the topics that were actually discussed in bold.

  1. “Master” in Scrum Master means control. Doesn’t it?
  2. Leadership role in Agile
  3. Orgs want digital to engage more customers. But customers don’t want to engage with orgs.
  4. How far (big) can Agile scale?
  5. How did **** go LeSS?
  6. Beyond Scrum
  7. Product roadmap followup
  8. What’s up with the DTA?
  9. What kind of Agile are CBR startups into?
  10. Story points?
  11. What is the sonic screwdriver of the Scrum Master?
  12. Is certification worthwhile?



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