Ha! The blog post for the last Lean Coffee, on time! More or less…

How about that? A blog post for the last actual session of Lean Coffee and not a catchup post. Yay! This happened on May 22, 2016:

  • User stories. What’s the point?
    • Value story
    • “so that” often neglected
  • How do you teach/encourage initiative?
  • How do you do better networking?
    • Buy someone coffee
    • Volunteer for conferences
    • Business cards
    • LinkedIn
  • How should you handle unexpectedly large tasks?
  • How do you turn a backlog into a proposal w/ cost attached?
  • Where do you find the time and energy to work on personal projects?
  • Kanban cards – the top 3 infos to have on it
  • How do you retain sanity when working on bad legacy code?

Once again, the topics (and notes) in bold were actually discussed.


A great time was had!

Next time we meet in a pub. Yeah, baby…

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