The top topic for this session was – An agile adventure! Transitioning…

A highly amusing meetup this time around due to the top topic! See what we discussed:

  • An agile adventure! Transitioning.
    • PI planning was OK
    • Distributed teams
    • Timebox-challenged
    • SAFe
    • Load rate or ideal hours = 8 per day
    • Pair programming banned
    • Teams commit to¬†“stretch goal” work
  • Timeboxing rookies
    • It’s a value thing
    • Related to maturity
    • Audio cues
    • Timers
    • Timebox aggressively
    • Retro it
  • How do you make tech debt visible to the business?
  • Can distributed agile teams be successful?
    • State of Agile report, 80% of teams distributed
    • Scott Berkin book – The Year Without Pants
    • Timezone difference
  • How do you deal with disgruntled employees?
  • Should non-story tasks (bugs, engineering, research) be given story points?
  • Unconference Canberra 2016 overview
  • Should Lean Coffee change time and locations?
  • SAFe Scrum versus agile
  • What do you do with stinky work?
  • Kanban versus Scrum. Cagefight!
  • If you have a hammer… overuse/misuse of tools

The topics discussed and associated notes are in bold.

Lots of topics were proposed and we only discussed a few this week. The first topic was so amusing we kept voting to talk about it more…


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