How do you plan for innovation time?

Fantastic to see some more new faces prompting great discussion! We had some great discussions in this session. unspecified-2

  • How do you plan for innovation time?
    • Different types of innovation.
    • Give space – yes you can plan!
    • Different levels of innovation – top, middle, bottom.
    • Strategic innovation.
    • Innovation with exciter, kano.
    • Does innovation need vision?
  • How do you manage tech debt?
    • Attach value to tech debt.
    • Strategic failures to cause hardening.
    • Stabilisation sprints.
    • Utilising metrics: bugs, cyclomatic, automation.
    • Portfolio management
  • Can government be agile?
    • The world is faster – we need to be agile.
    • Not everything needs to be agile.
    • You need to break the breucacy rules.
    • Where are the government people?
    • If business can do it, why not government?
  • Are estimates worth it?
    • Business development needs estimates.
    • Runway needs estimates.
    • Estimation causes learning loop.
    • Utilising an estimation team.
    • #valueclash
    • Estimation causes a conversation.
    • #noestimate – Decompose to a standard size.
  • How do you get a team to actually be a team?
  • How do you transition to Agile from Waterfall during a project?
  • Agile marketing. What is it? How does it work?
  • How to ‘do’ or coordinate Agile for an initiative that involves teams from several organisations?
  • How to manage non-squad word?IMG_1663


  • Where’s the coffee?
  • Lovely session.

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