Coordinating agile remotely and more

More great discussion this week on a variety of topics. We’re looking for ideas to get more people involved – feedback is welcome!IMG_1695

  • Distributed Agile – coordinating remote locations
    • Video
    • Group chat
    • Josh <3’s #slack
    • Come together
    • Tools
  • Scrum or Kanban (or something else?)
    • You can mature into Kanban
    • Culture change is driven by the person with appetite
    • It’s all cultural
    • Kanban the growing methodology
    • Kanban good for mature teams
    • Path to agility
  • To be a Scrum Master or a Product Owner, that is the question
    • Glue motivates like people, helps deliver
    • Can a persona be an SM & a PO at the same time?
    • PO & SM are different
    • PO: negotiator vs collaborator. All about value
    • PO is external reality & SM is internal reality
  • How do you motivate equally ranked people?
  • What’s the best retro you’ve ever seen?
    • Timeline, no blame, conclusion – proposal
    • Facilitator gives ownership
    • Military calling it like it is
    • Always the day after
    • School @ Chapel
    • Do the action items
    • Psychotherapy
  • How do you keep morale up during an extremely busy period?
  • How do you type ‘agile’ people?
  • How can we attract more people to this group?
  • How many layers do you need between business interests and product decisions?

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