Celebrating a year with a catchup post!

It has been a whole year since we started to meet for Lean Coffee! I think we can proudly claim to be Canberra’s longest running (and still going strong) agile meetup. In honor of our anniversary, we are posting a catchup session. Here are the topics we prioritized¬†in this session in August, actual topics discussed in bold.

  • #CensusFail #NDISFail What lessons can we take away from these disasters?
  • Tips for getting the most out of conferences
  • LEGO Serious Play
  • Agile2016 Overview
  • Getting new people up to speed
  • PyCon Overview
  • Tools/techniques to connect engineering value to business value
  • Service Design Conference presentation ideas
  • Safety – do you need it? what is it? how to get it?


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