Most voted topic – The absent PO; how to handle?

We had this weeks session at Civic Pub in Braddon and we had a great group of people come along to their first session! It seemed like people had been thinking and encountering different problems and issues over the past two weeks with a large backlog to discuss.¬†We didn’t get through all of it, but the discussions were quite vibrant and much was learned all around. We had some feedback too, thanking us for being so beginner friendly, which should make everyone feel reassured to come along and see what we’re doing.

  • The absent PO – how to handle?
    • Get them to assign a delegate
    • Escalate – get more help
    • Coffee punishment
    • Identify risks
    • Get team to bring it up in retro
  • What is Agile/Lean?
  • How to help govt. departments take up Agile methods, especially when they are very waterfall
  • Being more agile on govt. projects
    • Agile 2015 in Washington DC – focussed on govt agile
  • When does something stop being an MVP?
    • When it delivers more value than planned
    • The Start Up Pyramid – Sean Ellis
    • MVP implies learning
  • Tips for informing/converting the skeptical
  • Should you ensure your team has certain skills?
  • Infrastructure with Lean – how to?
  • Scrum Alliance new special interest group in Canberra
  • What do you know about Nexus?
  • With a new client, what small changes can introduce Lean?
  • Strategies for introducing automated tests into codebases that really need it?
  • Scrum Coach retreat
  • Cultural change needed in orgs to take up agile methods
  • Any practical examples of Canberra organisations using lean principals/Agile?

Alex quote – Props to Daniel Burke for leading the session and keeping the blog up-to-date!

Here’s a photo of the good looking’ crew


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