Catch-up blog post

Maintaining a blog is hard work! This is a catch-up post so you can explore what we have been talking about in our sessions. In this session, we had these topics proposed:

  • Where to start a startup?
    • Lean Startup + Lean Thinking – Steve, our guru provided a diagram
    • Starting with an idea is the wrong way to do it!
  • Any suggestions for funding proposals to bid for $1.5 million in innovation/capability/development up for grabs by ACT government?
    • Innovation with kids
    • PR/marketing
    • Google fiber project
  • How do you do continuous demos?
    • Prep
    • Have CD pipeline
  • How do you decide which bits of Scrum you actually need?
    • Can you really pick and choose?
    • You need to examine motivations
  • Are interns/students worth it?
    • Integrate carefully
    • Do you pay for it?
    • They need supervision
    • Plan for it
  • Kanban at home
  • Lean UX


The topics we actually discussed are in bold, plus the associated notes that go along with the topics. Another great session!

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