Long lost update

We continue to meet after numerous public holidays sunk our usual Monday time slot and we shifted around to Thursday a couple of times. Today we had some really interesting topics.

  • What approaches have you seen work to change Exec behaviours that undermine Agile success; rigid approvals, slow review, annual budgets, etc?
  • Burn out – how to avoid?
    • Raising morale
    • Executives aren’t aware of reality
    • Software “death march”
  • How to tell the story of the cumulative flow diagram?
    • Lead times
    • Bottlenecks
  • Planning documents – valuable or a waste of time?
    • Test case planning¬†– test driven development
    • Documents are for communicating
    • Using the product backlog
    • Old artefacts from waterfall
    • Reference Agile manifesto
  • Managing the message
    • The “potential to create unnecessary panic”
    • Product Owner is the stakeholder manager

And we ran out of time to discuss:

  • What are some ways to motivate engineers to do testing?
  • What are some good ways to manage bugs in a project?
  • Should you fix all bugs before working on features and improvements?

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