Visual roadmap notes

Thanks to Sam for doing some create visual note taking in the last session we had. It produced some great information for digestion afterwards!

  • What’s the business value of diversity?
  • Agile is mindset; how do we demonstrate the mindset?agile_mindset
  • Fail. Fail. Fail.fail_fail_fail
  • Product Owner KPIspo_kpis
  • Agile practices in non-work environments
  • Safety: What? How? Where?
  • Telling sales guys to shut up
  • Do automated tests create net positive developer time?
  • The line between what & how for a P.O.
  • Scrum in different countries
  • Why do you come to Lean Coffee? What is most valuable?
  • UX Aus 16
  • Agile Coach Camp
  • Agile Cards

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