Discussion and drinks at King O’Malleys, thanks to eWay!


Everyone had a great time at King O’Malleys with some great discussion facilitated by the bar tab sponsored very generously by eWay. We’d like that thank them for contributing to Lean Coffee and the Agile community here in Canberra. At this gathering we did a quick vote to see if we would like to continue the slow (fortnightly) pub crawl and all in attendance agreed – we will continue the discussions over drinks!


  • What are some methods for prioritising work?
    • MoSCoW method
    • Kano model
    • ITIL for ops-centric
    • Innovation games
    • Dot voting
  • Side gigs?
    • Have the hunger for it
    • Allocating time
  • Improvement tolerances for software
    • Boeing – A budget of up to $300 per a part to save a pound of weight
    • What are your measurable qualities?
    • Code coverage
    • Cyclomatic complexity
    • Hackathon with rewards – relevant rewards
    • Leader boards
  • What does agile code look like? (And how do you write it?)
    • No comments, comments are lies
    • Use established design patterns
    • Maintainability
    • Small functions
  • Aussie politics – Innovation/Agile party
    • Voteflux.org
    • Switzerland – frequent referendums
  • How do you work with external partners that run waterfall?
  • Invaluable team members that take advantage?
  • Ensuring full test coverage over multiple server teams
  • What is commitment vs velocity sprint planning?
  • Kanban startup essentials
  • Mind the gap – what falls outside the scrum teams
  • How do you introduce agile to an established company?

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